How skilled are you at rolling a joint? Unless you’ve spent some time practicing, the process can be frustrating. Along with waste, mess, and the necessary gear, a less-than-perfect finished product can diminish the whole experience. If the joint burns too fast, won’t stay lit, or develops lengthy ash, enjoyment suffers. The solution is pre-rolls, and We Roll Up is the right place to find them.

Convenient, Tasty Pre-Rolls

We Roll Up answers the demand for ready-made smokeables with exceptional quality. Because the rolling paper conceals what’s inside, pre-rolls are too often created from sub-par weed. Rest assured, you won’t find anything but outstanding grow practices and premium pre-rolls on our shelves. Stop by or browse our website. Speed up the transaction with online ordering and curbside or in-store pickup. Check back for delivery coming soon!

Pre-Rolls From We Roll Up

As the first legal and licensed cannabis dispensary in San Pedro, We Roll Up creates a well-established and welcoming environment for medicinal patients and recreational consumers. Our pre-rolls are especially affordable and provide a great opportunity to sample something new. They are portable, discreet, disposable, easy to consume, an excellent choice for beginners, and ideal for gifting or sharing.

Give our pre-rolls a try today!

Customer Reviews
What our customers are saying

Great staff. They inform you on deals and are very friendly and efficient. Love this place.


I finally made it in here and man its rad! Super chill spot with a cool vibe, good product and budtenders who know their stuff. Stoked that there is a legal shop in Pedro now. Will for sure be going back.

Greg S

I went in for the first time today. Perfect. Every tender was so nice and the guy that helped me pick out my stuff was so helpful and made sure I was really taken care of. I love that this new local place opened up and is awesome. I will definitely be making this my new first stop shop.

Patricia H

Awesome staff, friendly and knowledgeable. Welcomed from the moment you check in. Need more stars! Recommend to everyone.
First time discount! Head here for quality products and FANTASTIC service.


This place is amazing! Awesome service, the guys here take care of me!! Real blessing to this town! Awesome to see a legal dispensary in San Pedro! Come see David he’ll take care of you!

Thomas H