Step inside We Roll Up and you’ll notice the strains are categorized as indica, sativa, and hybrid. While this is a great guideline for determining effects, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the chemical profile of the strain. Compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes provide a more in-depth understanding of the product.

Sativa, indica, and hybrid are actually botanical classifications of the plant’s structure. However, the terms have been widely adopted as a simple method of navigating effects. Generally, indica strains tend to be sedating, calming, relaxing, and more of a full-body high for nighttime use. Sativas lean toward energizing, uplifting and cerebral effects that help with socialization, creativity, and physical activity. Hybrids are a mix.

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Once you’re more experienced with cannabis, learning about chemical profiles, cannabinoids and terpenes help to narrow down and customize choices to best fit your preferences and purposes. You’ll discover that each strain interacts in a unique way with your body chemistry. The cannabinoids and terpenes combine into what’s known as the entourage effect.

While there are hundreds of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, the two primary cannabinoids are THC and CBD. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is responsible for the psychoactive effects and is often used for treating symptoms of pain and nausea. CBD (cannabidiol) is non-intoxicating and shows great promise for alleviating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and numerous medical issues.

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Terpenes are aromatic compounds produced by a variety of plants and fruit, such as oranges, eucalyptus, pepper, and lavender. They are the reason for the distinct odors and flavors of cannabis. We are still discovering how combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids impact the effects of different strains, but you’ll definitely identify your favorites with just a sniff.

For any questions, concerns or even curiosity you might have, We Roll Up is here to share knowledge, information, and recommendations. We welcome all walks of life and look forward to getting to know your preferences and assisting your cannabis journey. The first licensed dispensary in San Pedro, we offer an exciting collection of cannabis options. We invite shopping in-store, ordering online, in-store/curbside pick-up, and plan to add delivery services very soon!

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I went in for the first time today. Perfect. Every tender was so nice and the guy that helped me pick out my stuff was so helpful and made sure I was really taken care of. I love that this new local place opened up and is awesome. I will definitely be making this my new first stop shop.

Patricia H

This place is amazing! Awesome service, the guys here take care of me!! Real blessing to this town! Awesome to see a legal dispensary in San Pedro! Come see David he’ll take care of you!

Thomas H

Awesome staff, friendly and knowledgeable. Welcomed from the moment you check in. Need more stars! Recommend to everyone.
First time discount! Head here for quality products and FANTASTIC service.


Great staff. They inform you on deals and are very friendly and efficient. Love this place.


I finally made it in here and man its rad! Super chill spot with a cool vibe, good product and budtenders who know their stuff. Stoked that there is a legal shop in Pedro now. Will for sure be going back.

Greg S